类别档案: 四大支柱


经验在你的简历上第一行: 在圣十字的四个支柱和高级顶点

Experience is what employers want most. It forms moral character and imagination. It develops self-confidence, courage, and leadership. It is what stays in your memory long after theorems, equations, and memorized facts have faded away. Holy Cross is unique in that, in order to graduate with a four-year degree, every student must complete our special experiential program that we call 四大支柱和高级顶点。

第一支柱 - 服务学习经验:

在圣十字,我们不要指望你的时间,而是让你在一个团队,给你的导师,然后让你亲身体验服务的令人兴奋的旅程。你可能会补习学校的孩子们,帮助将餐点给穷人,访问老人,甚至在少年拘留所指导。每一个圣十字毕业生都有一个故事,告诉自己的球队如何发挥了作用,以及他们了解到,对自己和社会,从这个动之以情,非凡体验。 学到更多.

支柱2 - 全球经验:

Where in the world will you find yourself as a Holy Cross student? Following the footsteps of thousands of slaves in coastal towns of Elmina and Cape Coast in Ghana? Riding the rails of India’s infamous train system? Climbing the ruins in the Sacred Valley of Incas in Peru? Wandering the rainforests of the Amazon in Brazil? Ask anyone who has taken one of these excursions and they’ll tell amazing stories of their adventures living and working alongside the Brothers of Holy Cross in remote villages and major urban areas. It all begins with a four-credit global perspectives sequence that will give you a chance to explore the complexity of global issues locally and abroad, and ends with a short experience with an international community in the United States. More global perspectives experiences are a part of the Through the Eyes of Faith programs that are open to students through a competitive application process. Opportunities with other faculty-led short-term study abroad programs are available as well as semester study abroad programs in partnership with Saint Mary’s College. 学到更多.

支柱3 - 专业实习:

通过职业发展中心,你将有机会参加职业生涯的“试驾”你毕业之前。圣十字学生已被放置在华盛顿国会作为助手,在大医院的医疗助理,在跨国公司的营销助理,并在电视台担任助理制片。有没有更好的办法来磨砺转移的技能,并证明你的就业,而不是证明自己在现实世界中。 学到更多.

支柱四 - 学术经验:

We have small, professor-taught classes that challenge your mind and excite your spirit. Engage in soulful debates and discussions with professors and classmates during and after class. Our learning community is not confined to an hour class. Develop your expertise in an academic discipline and prepare yourself to be a leader in the global community. 学到更多.


What have I learned? How have my experiences changed me? Where will I be going in life? These are some of the questions Holy Cross seniors reflect upon their Holy Cross Experience as they present their own 45-minute multi-media presentation. They will also prepare an electronic portfolio that captures and reflects upon their experiential learning. The Capstone may take many forms and include the topics of your choice. Listening to your experiences, your audience may be moved to tears, laughter, and every emotion in between, but when you have finished presenting yourself to an audience of peers, faculty, community business leaders, and family, you will know that you are fully prepared for graduation and your next step in life. 学到更多.


Holy Cross offers a distinct learning experience where we combine one’s academic experience with an outside experiential learning through the Four Pillars. This unique approach to a liberal arts education will prepare you with “the Competence to See and the Courage to Act” as you start your journey once you graduate.


我们已经被认可 我们。新闻与世界报道 as one of only 10 colleges nationally where every student attaining a bachelor’s degree is required to complete a professional internship.  No matter where your vocation leads you, Holy Cross will prepare you with the experiential learning opportunities to best fit your dreams and aspirations with a call to service, a global vision and a practical approach for success through an internship.


圣十字学院 is a Catholic, residential, coed, four-year institution of higher learning, offering an applied liberal arts curriculum. It was founded in 1966 and continues to be conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross a society of lay religious men within the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC) who take vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience as a way to more creatively and intimately serve the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ, His Body – the Church, and the needs of the world. Brothers of Holy Cross serve through ministries which educate and sensitize persons to the need of the world for justice and peace.


The mission of 圣十字学院 is to educate and form global citizens with the competence to see and the courage to act. Holy Cross is a Catholic college that advances the apostolic mission of the Brothers of Holy Cross. Our practical, experiential, liberal arts curriculum applies timeless truths to contemporary life and leads people to wholeness in the image of Christ.


The following core course requirements apply to students with fewer than 24 semester credits completed when matriculating to 圣十字学院. The core courses must be completed in addition to the student’s major/minor requirements in order to earn a baccalaureate degree.

The following core course requirements apply to students with at least 24 semester credits completed and applied to 圣十字学院 when matriculating. The core courses must be completed in addition to the student’s major/minor requirements in order to earn a baccalaureate degree.


CapstoneAttending 圣十字学院 is a life-changing experience. After four years of scholarship, faith and service … of meeting people and experiencing cultures from around the world … of exploring career options … of challenging yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually … you WILL become a different person than you are today.


在顶峰展示 is in many ways your final challenge at Holy Cross. It allows you to share with your peers, faculty, friends, family, and community leaders the ways in which you have grown and changed. The Capstone helps you synthesize what you have learned, and prove to yourself, others, and the Capstone Evaluation Committee that you are ready to take the next step in life.




服务学习经验 can perhaps even contribute to their choice of career or field of study. Vocation has been described as the place where “my passion, my gifts meet the world’s need.” Service learning is a great way to discover both!

Specifically, the 服务学习经验 begins as a course that all Holy Cross students take in their sophomore year. The course is IDST 250: 服务学习经验. IDST 250 combines a dynamic inside and outside of the classroom components. In class, assignments reflect on the meaning of the service and what it teaches us about contributing to the advancement of justice in our society. Students will choose from among placement tracks that have been pre-arranged to ensure weekly, structured times for service. The track options reflect distinct ways in which our students can explore the call to serve. Each track is named as follows:



The theme of this track is “The Gospel of Life.” Students will volunteer at the Women’s Care Center, which helps women facing crisis pregnancies so that they can choose life for themselves and their unborn babies. Students interested in this track should be committed to pro-life principles and eager to offer their time and energy in defense of human life.


This is for students who want to work with their hands, as St. Joseph did. A number of projects, both here at Holy Cross and in the local community, need people to do manual labor. So, this track, with the theme “by the sweat of your brow..” will use good old hard work to make a difference in the world.






Global Perspectives 我们是全球公民功能于制作!

It‘s right there in the our mission statement:  Forming global citizens with the competence to see and the courage to act.  That commitment makes us serious about crossing borders of all kinds…on our campus, in our local community, and in the global community.


  • 我们对此是专注于塑造一个更美好,共同的未来世界一个全球视角。
  • 我们对发展社会正义和人权的愿景,以及建立和平和塑造我们的行动,可能导致增加和维持人类在世界各地蓬勃发展。
  • 我们看好从事天主教社会教学作为主镜头的原则,理解和欣赏文化多样性的复杂性中促进人的尊严的动态特性。
  • 我们要认真地成为世界公民,谁拥有一个愿意扩大超出了我们自己的文化架构经历了世界第一的手接近世界的能力和一个真正的好奇心。

It all begins with a willingness to be open-minded and attentive to the world around us.  Taking the steps to know yourself as a global citizen starts with recognizing how your fit into your own culture, being curious about the world, learning about the global economy and geo-political issues which impacts how people live all over the world.

Becoming a global citizen is an intentional approach to your education.  It action-based and value-driven.  It deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition, it is centered about the dignity of the human person, peace-building and justice living.


Global Perspectives


全球视野,学习。 Essential to the HCC core requirements for Global Perspectives, this course explores globalization and global solidarity as critical pathways toward the student’s development of a global competency within their area of study. Designed to investigate the challenges of emerging global partnerships throughout the world, emphasis is placed on the economic, political and cultural structures that challenge the promotion of human rights. This course is structured to enable students to position themselves as active and informed global citizens through a variety of learning opportunities. Lectures, blended-online study modules, presentations and experiential assignments will introduce students to the impact of multi-national corporations, NGO’s and humanitarian movements along with the efforts of the United Nations and Catholic Relief Services in the development of a global society dedicated to equality and human dignity.

全球遭遇-经历。 1天研讨会与当地国际社会着眼于移民,难民意识,宗教间的对话和本土化。

全球参与作用。 IDST 350 meets once a week to engage the student in academic and personal formation regarding the country of destination, cultural and global consciousness, and his/her cultural identity. An underlying purpose of the pre-experience session of IDST is to guide the student through their expectations with attention given to new perspectives which will present themselves while in the host country or in their personal reflection. The post-experience sessions will allow students to use their experiences to explore a movement in perspective regarding culture, globalization and faith. Application to the CGP is required for this course.