Return to campus

We are forging ahead with a plan of action that will keep our family safe, secure, and together once again this fall. In accordance with widely agreed upon research in the medical community, the College will implement robust testing, contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine protocols to minimize risk.

Below is a message from Rev. Father David T. Tyson, C.S.C. regarding a return to campus.

The tabs below provide updates and useful information regarding the return to campus.

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Dear Students,

I hope this message finds you all making the most of the summer months. Here at Holy Cross we continue to prepare campus for your arrival and the beginning of the Fall Semester on August 10th. We have missed your physical presence on campus, and we are truly excited to welcome you back.

Many of you have had the chance to watch Father Tyson’s video that was shared with the community earlier this week. As he mentioned, we continue to work with our tri-campus partners as well as local, state, and national health officials and we have developed a number of expectations, procedures, and protocols to help ensure a safe semester for everyone.

Reopening campus will require adaptations and sacrifices from all of us — students, faculty, and staff. The health and safety practices that are detailed here in this letter are designed to minimize the possibility of COVID-19 infection for all, and especially to avoid exposure for those among us who are most vulnerable to severe illness.


Thank you for your patience and your commitment to honoring these expectations, some of which will require us to adjust some of our usual Holy Cross expectations and campus way of life. However, just as drive-by events or virtual sing-alongs have emerged nationwide, I have every confidence you will bring creativity and ingenuity to the ways you connect with one another and make campus life vibrant. We are eager to collaborate with you to create these opportunities.

Prior to Returning to Campus
Before returning to campus, we ask everyone to have a COVID-19 test in the 10 days prior to your arrival. 使这个简单,学院将提供我们的博士实验室/检查命令。皮尔森。在七月中旬,这些安排提早到来将收到关于如何和何时做这个方向的电子邮件。那些抵达校园里布展周末(8月7日至九日)将收到一封电子邮件,在七月后期实验室/检查命令。人谁测试根据标准的健康时间表积极意愿呆在家里自我隔离。那么大学将批准隔离后重返校园。我们要求请大家尽自己所能去完成这个测试在您当地的社区。这种沟通,你将通过包含从博士实验室实际/测试订单电子邮件接收。皮尔森也将包括一个链接到圣十字学院的最终副本covid-19健康和安全的剧本。此手册将提供所有的校园协议,过程和期望的全面和完整的概述。除了电子版,物理副本将迎来周末期间给所有学生。与圣十字学生手册,每个人都将被要求自己熟悉这个剧本,并在其整体遵守它。


Returning to Campus and Welcoming New Students
Residence hall staff will arrive on campus beginning Thursday, July 30th for training. Other groups that have been approved for early arrival include ROTC members, SGA and Welcome Weekend Leaders, and returning soccer players. International students have received separate communication regarding travel and arrival.

New students have received information regarding Welcome Weekend and move-in appointments that will occur on either August 7th or August 8th. First year room assignments are currently planned for release by Friday, July 10.
Returning students living on campus will move in on Sunday August 9th.

Throughout the move-in process and the adjustment to on-campus living, personal behavior and decision making that limits the opportunity of infection will be of highest importance. Wearing masks and social distancing will be mandatory in all campus spaces, as it is also the requirement for the whole of the tri-campus and the larger local community of South Bend.

Living, Eating, and Praying in Community


Notre Dame Campus Dining is adjusting dining hall and Ave Brew policies and offerings in accordance with best industry food service practices. In the dining hall, disposable ware will be used, self-service buffets will be replaced with individually portioned, served buffets, and other modifications to the space will be made to ensure that we can dine together safely. In addition, outdoor dining will be available near the dining hall and Grab and Go options will be available.

Gathering together as a faith community and nurturing the spiritual life of our students remains a crucial priority consonant with our Catholic mission. The St. Joseph Chapel will be open and will offer Mass and other liturgies and services and will operate consistent with diocesan guidelines. The College will offer liturgies open only to our campus community, while the Village Masses (Sunday morning Mass and 5:00 p.m. daily Mass) will not be open to students.

Nurturing Your Health and Well-Being





Enabling Student Formation Through Facilities and Programming
Given the adjusted timing of the semester and what we have learned about transmission of the virus, we encourage you and all student groups to utilize our outdoor grounds in safe ways as much as possible. Plans to increase useable outside space for eating, activities, and recreation are being undertaken at this time.



Preparing You Well for Fall


Thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to finalize our preparations for your return. With a sincere sense of anticipation I await your return to us. Please know of my prayers for you and your loved ones and stay well this summer.

Spes Unica
Dean Polaniecki

June 16, 2020

Dear Students,

I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and enjoying the summer. As you all know, the first day of classes for the Fall Semester is August 10th. For those of you that will be living on campus, move-in will take place on Sunday, August 9th. Move-in can occur anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Approval will be required for anyone moving in before the 9th. An email must be sent to me requesting early arrival. In the email, please state the date that you would like to move-in as well as the reason. RAs, SGA members, soccer players, Welcome Weekend Crew Leaders, and Campus Ministry Spes Interns do not need to email me as your supervisors will communicate with me regarding your move-in.


I know I speak on behalf of so many when I say that I am looking forward to seeing you all in August!

Spes Unica
Dean Polaniecki

Dear faculty and staff,


重新开放校园,欢迎学生在八月后面会需要我们每个人都在相同的特点打电话:柔韧性,韧性,强度,砂砾。这将需要适应和牺牲,我们大家 - 教职员工和学生。感谢您的耐心和你的尊重这些期望,其中一些需要我们调整我们的一些常用的圣十字期望和生活的校园道路的承诺。然而,正如驱动的事件或虚拟唱alongs已经出现全国性的,以及戴面具式和物理疏远变得更加普遍,我们有信心,你会带来创造力和智慧,你教的方式,工作和连接继续培养形成的学者,公民,领导和弟子的智力和居住社区。



我们感谢重启委员会谁辛勤耕耘,以审核信息的成员,提供输入,并开发协议。我们今天写信给大家分享一下就有关通信,公共卫生协议和政策,影响我们一起工作的决策一批不断努力更新。一如既往,我们欢迎您的意见和反馈。这封信是为双方教师和工作人员,以及各种零件将成为你们中的一些或多或少相关 - 但我们要提供一个完整的图片给大家。我们将发布完整的指引和提供电子和硬拷贝到所有教职员工。

Returning to Campus

In addition starting July 6, when you come to campus the following will be expected of you:
Daily Health Checks

Masks and Physical Distancing
It has been shown that physical distance and mask wearing both individually reduce the spread of the virus, and together are especially effective. When a distance of a minimum of six feet is not possible or when people are in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, a face covering is crucial.

In light of this, Holy Cross has adopted the following policies:

  • All students, faculty, and staff in a College campus space will be expected to wear face coverings at all times when they are, or may be, in the presence of other individuals within a building, except when alone in a private room (office, residence hall room) or in a private vehicle.
  • Students will be expected to cloth wear face coverings in all common areas of the residence halls, but not within their own room.
  • Visitors to campus will be expected to wear face coverings at all times.

The College will be issuing all members of the Holy Cross community a minimum of two face masks. We also encourage you to purchase additional of your choosing.

Enhanced Sanitation
The College will provide hand sanitizing stations at the main entrances of all buildings and in high-traffic common areas throughout campus. In addition, the facilities team will be cleaning highly trafficked areas and high-touch surfaces more frequently. The College has also purchased an electro-static sprayer that allows us to disinfect large spaces such as Ave Brew Cafe or Driscoll Lounge quickly and effectively. It will be used daily.

The College invites and encourages all faculty, staff, and students to be active participants in helping to keep our spaces disinfected. We will provide sanitizing wipes and sanitizing sprays in high traffic areas such as lounges, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Please feel free to use these to wipe down the space before and after use to help reduce the spread of the virus. We also encourage you to wipe down your own workspaces and offices frequently.

The College will also be moving to MERV-13 air filters for all of our buildings with a central HVAC system. These systems will also be set to maximize fresh air intake within the design limits of the equipment. This may mean that it takes additional energy to cool and heat our buildings, and we ask for your patience with the air temperature.

Protocols for classrooms and other instructional spaces
We have established a number of protocols that will govern classrooms and other instructional spaces:

  • Facilities is adjusting each classroom to maximize social distancing between students, as well as between students and faculty. Some furniture may be removed, and the layout of a particular classroom may be sub-optimal for your preference.
  • Six feet of social distance will not be possible in all classrooms, which is why facemasks are critical.
  • Faculty will have the option of wearing a face mask or a face shield, which will be provided by the College.
  • Faculty are encouraged to consider opening classroom windows and/or doors when practical to increase air flow.
  • Cleaning protocols aimed at preventing COVID-19 will be implemented in all instructional spaces.

Physical Space Modifications
In addition to classrooms, facilities will be modifying communal spaces such as lounges and conference rooms where possible to encourage physical distancing. This may mean moving, removing, or exchanging furniture.

The College will install plastic sneeze guards in certain places such as reception desks or cash registers. In addition, the College will provide stand-alone, portable plastic sneeze guards that rest on desk for office and classroom use as an added measure of safety for any full-time faculty and staff who request them. In order to secure sufficient quantities, we ask that you submit a request for a sneeze guard to no later than Wednesday, July 8th. We will also provide portable sneeze guards that adjuncts may “check-out” for single or semester use.

Since it is harder to contract the virus outside, the College is also securing tents for the semester to provide outdoor meeting spaces. These tents may be used in variety of ways including for meetings, student activities, and dining.

Internal meetings
For internal meetings, the meeting chair set a meeting be in person or virtual using MS Teams. Anyone who is working off campus should not come in for the meeting, but rather attend virtually. Masks or face coverings are to be worn during in person meetings. Given different on-campus schedules for the fall, it is recommended that meetings be scheduled rather than “drop-in” whenever possible.

Meetings with off-campus guests
We strongly encourage meetings with off campus guests be held virtually using MS Teams whenever possible and practicable. If it is not possible to hold the meeting virtually, all visitors to campus should complete a daily health check and must wear a mask. When practical, meetings could be held outside

Faculty Office Hours
Faculty with offices may hold office hours and meetings with students in their offices or via MS Teams. However, faculty who do not have offices must meet with students via MS Teams or if practicable, outside or another open area.



Further, we are requesting and strongly urging that students, faculty and staff will avoid personal travel away from campus, their homes, or the local area during the fall 2020 semester except under exceptional circumstances (e.g., sick family member). Again, this expectation is based on our need to work together for the safety of the entire community.

Praying Together
One of the biggest adjustments for many of us this spring, and even this summer, was how we prayed and worshipped together. We are eager to be able to pray together once again as a community. However, this too will look different:

Starting at the beginning of the semester, 12:25pm daily mass and 7:30pm Sunday mass will be offered following all diocesan guidelines. However, we are limiting attendance at these masses to the College community. In order to protect their high risk population, the 5pm daily mass and Sunday morning mass is only available to residents of Holy Cross Village. Members of the College community should not attend them.

Testing and Contact Tracing
We are facilitating the testing of all students prior to their return to campus. We will also provide free on-campus testing for all students. A team of staff have agreed to be on the contact tracing and support team, which will be led by Tom DeHorn, and have already begun training. This team will work with and support students from their initial COVID-19 test through quarantine, and if needed, supported isolation. The College has a number of rooms available for isolation.


Concluding Thoughts

Let us end with our sincere thanks, and warm wishes for a safe and healthy long weekend.


Justin Watson

Monica Markovich
Vice President for Finance

“With a commitment from our students, faculty and staff to follow specific guidelines and protocols this fall, I believe we will have a successful 2020-2021 school year and overcome this difficult moment in time with true grit and dedication to the Holy Cross tradition,” Rev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C.

Here is a complete booklet of COVID-19 Protocols and Regulations.

Click here for a PDF version of the COVID-19 Protocols and Regulations.

Dear Holy Cross College Community,

It is the end of July and we are still forging ahead with our plan to return to campus this fall. We have put plans of action in place that will keep our community safe, secure, and together once again. With a commitment from our students, faculty and staff to follow specific guidelines and protocols this fall, I believe we will have a successful 2020-2021 school year and overcome this difficult moment in time with true grit and dedication to the Holy Cross tradition.

Starting August 3, all members of the College will receive a text to their cell phone daily and are required to complete the health assessment tasks asked in the communication. This health check will be used to assess the health of individuals and the community proactively. If it is your preference to receive this communication via email, please contact the IT department at Non-compliant members of the community will face accountability that will be discussed in future communications. A complete list of protocols can be found on our website at

This daily health check, along with being mindful about physical distancing, wearing masks, and practicing good hygiene will keep our campus healthy and safe. The health and safety practices we have adopted are designed to minimize the possibility of COVID-19 infection for all, and especially to avoid exposure for those among us who are most vulnerable to severe illness.

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to honoring these expectations. Our College community is close knit and we pride ourselves on our commitment to hard work, diligence, and perseverance. By working together, I know we can remain healthy, support each other during these challenging times and create new ways to build community.

In Holy Cross,
Father David T. Tyson, C.S.C.